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This is what customers say about us.
Read the customer experiences of our Tunex customers that you already preceded. Since 2004 thousands of customers have gone before you, customer satisfaction is our driving force and we do our best to keep it high, some of these customers have written an experience for which we are very grateful.Take the time to discover the experiences of customers who have gone before you. Of course, if you would like to share your own experience, we also greatly appreciate it!
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Ford Focus 1.6 TDCI|Ford Focus 1.6 TDCI

Car chipped in 2016. 2 years later problems with holding back on the highway. Called appointment made and had soot filter + software + egr removed.

Top company good service and very professional

BMW 116i|BMW 116i

On the advice of a friend had the car tuned from 136 to Stage 2 ..220+ hp and 90 Nm extra . What a difference. In normal use just the 136 hp and drive economically but if you put the car in sports mode you get those extra horses …. Everything just as agreed and super arranged. Definitely come back with the next car … Highly recommended…. p.s. fuel consumption remained the same despite the spicy driving style…. also a plus ….

Chiptuning Stage 1.|Chiptuning Stage 1.

I recently had my 2005 Volvo V50 1.6 Diesel chiptune stage 1 with you guys. Average fuel consumption was 5.2 L/100KM now after chipping reduced to average consumption 4.6 L/100KM! TOP work guys thank you so much!!!!

S60 2.0t

Had our Volvo tuned by tunex.
What a monster it has become. Thickly satisfied with what the men have done.
Thick 10

Fiat punto evo 1.3 mjet

3500 km ago I had my red Fiat punto evo 1.3 m-jet chipped at Tunex. Car pulls a lot faster from 1500 rpm. Consumption also improved from 1 in 21 to 1 in 22.

Finally, tunex reset the service interval for me free of charge. In short, excellent service at a competitive price! I’ll be back!

Soot filter cleaning audi a3|Soot filter cleaning audi a3

I had my particulate filter cleaned at tunex because the dpf light came on and the emergency running started, I went to the dealer and was told that it would cost me 2500 euro, then I contacted tunex where I got an honest and expert explanation, tunex also found out that there was a pressure sensor broken in my particulate filter, they replaced it at their own expense! Car runs like a charm again and saved a lot of money with this, thanks for your top service! A reliable address that I will definitely come back to!

BMW E46 Touring 320D

A 320d from 2005 with M Sport package, Stage 1 chipping. It has actually become another car. No more restless speed or sound and it drives smoother, it looks like a 6 cylinder. From 330 to 390 Nm of torque, you will be pressed into the chair. Do you also have an old diesel? Don’t hesitate but chip!

Golf 5 1.9 TDI 2008

My rating of 5 stars does not come out of the blue. My car in contrast, after tuning from 90 HP to 145 HP, seems to have descended on me like a gift from heaven. Immediately after driving off I experienced the difference. You have elevated my car to a true rocket on wheels. Also, the car drives more stable. So far thickly satisfied! And my hats off to you for your excellent service. You were knowledgeable and customer friendly with me over the phone beforehand and had immediately gained my trust. I was also able to visit the same day immediately (Nov. 9, ’19). Thanks guys!

Citroën C3 tuned

I went there with my 2017 Citroën C3 1.2 PureTech to have it tuned. Standard 110 hp, for €225,= some 35 hp extra…. very tempting of course, especially since the C3 just puts 1000 kg on the scale. After I picked up the car, I was advised to take it a little easy for the first 50. Then when I kicked it on its tail the first time, little happened, and it stayed that way. Since I live around the corner I went back with it for a while. After a thorough inspection, I found that the turbo hose was not completely soundly fitted (they had probably missed that at the garage during the delivery service, I had only just had the car for a few days, so didn’t notice much of it beforehand). It was all neatly explained to me, and also neatly fixed immediately. Then I was able to go out and test it out. What a party! The car pulls like crazy when the turbo starts blowing along, wonderful! I probably won’t get to less fuel consumption at first because it’s so incredibly inviting, but since the reviews are pretty positive about it as well that will be pretty good I suppose. Now first things first, enjoy! Thanks Tunex, another satisfied customer!

Ford Kuga 1.5T Ecoboost 150hp

After my first chiptuning on 11-7-2018 a day before my vacation, I was more than complimentary about the torque. As a caravan puller, the kuga still came up a little short . In October, I received notification from my dealer that the car needed to come back for an engine update due to clutch plate issues. Gone chiptuning.
Contacted Tunex and put another chiptuning on it. This one was not as good as the first and I was bummed as hell.
No problem, come back and put another tuning over it.
Test drove with one of the staff, and it went well. February again on vacation with the caravan, and it went wrong right away. Bummer but adjusted driving style and made new appointment after the vacations. Now it is like the first time. So very satisfied. Friendly service. no stressed, and a customer with peace of mind going into the mountains with caravan with plenty of torque.

Ford Grand C-Max diesel

This week I had my Ford 1.5 diesel tuned. What a difference. Idle a lot quieter but going from 250 to 330nm makes all the difference. Totally awesome. As for consumption, not enough miles yet to judge that, but myn previous Ford went up over 15%, so will be fine with this one too. Exactly at the appointed time car went in. Two hours’ wait well worth it. Neat waiting area with coffee machine. Great service.

Audi Q3 2.0 TFSI

Let my Audi Q3 chip from 180 hp to 300 hp really a racing monster now! Thanks guys!

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