BMW 116i|BMW 116i

On the advice of a friend had the car tuned from 136 to Stage 2 ..220+ hp and 90 Nm extra . What a difference. In normal use just the 136 hp and drive economically but if you put the car in sports mode you get those extra horses …. Everything just as agreed and super arranged. Definitely come back with the next car … Highly recommended…. p.s. fuel consumption remained the same despite the spicy driving style…. also a plus ….

Megane Coupe Tce 180

Now six months ago I had my Megane Coupe tce180 chipped. from 180 hp and 300 nm, it went to 210 hp and 360 nm. Huge difference and still problem and interference free enjoyment! Quick appointment for my other car!

2x as many horsepower

I am very satisfied with the result after chip tuning my Caddy. I almost doubled the horsepower.
Also great service at Tunex with a well-equipped waiting room with the Discovery Channel and refreshments.
I am very happy with this tip from a friend.

Gearbox MB B180 oil change

I saw a lot of good reviews about Tunex, so I thought I’d just give it a try. MB dealers really charge top price for this 🙁 !!!
Result : ANOTHER excellent review.
I was treated nicely, given ALL the explanations I asked for in a very pleasant manner and the work was expertly done by people who know exactly what they are doing.
And they flush the bucket, whereas the dealer only drains, leaving a good portion of the old oil just sitting there.
Highly recommended at a reasonable price.

Tuning Transit

Very dissatisfied
After having my new T4 tuned for a very long time from 150hp to …I don’t know how many hp and only being able to drive it for 612,000 km , in 2011 I bought a transit sport new again and also had it tuned by Peter and his guys , by golly 480,000 km driven and still no problems
Why still dissatisfied ?
How should I buy other car if those tuned bodies of Peter do not break ………… without kidding , also my next car is in their workshop within week , more than a million km huge pülezier of both tunings , who else can say that ?

Peter and employees THANK YOU

Greetings Marcel van den Bosch