BMW 116i|BMW 116i

On the advice of a friend had the car tuned from 136 to Stage 2 ..220+ hp and 90 Nm extra . What a difference. In normal use just the 136 hp and drive economically but if you put the car in sports mode you get those extra horses …. Everything just as agreed and super arranged. Definitely come back with the next car … Highly recommended…. p.s. fuel consumption remained the same despite the spicy driving style…. also a plus ….

BMW 320D Touring 110KW 2004 Stage1|BMW 320D Touring 110KW 2004 Stage1

As always, great service. Beforehand, the malfunctions were read out and this showed that the turbo pressure had recently dropped. Still getting it tuned. Initially, no good results. In the end, the turbocharger’s charge hose turned out to be leaking due to age. These replaced and yep, the old BMW comes along again with the somewhat faster cars on the autobahn. Btw. the car has now driven 331000 km and has been running with the new software for a while. To your complete satisfaction. The engine runs nicer (quieter),pulls much better and has a higher top speed (+/- 225 km/h). Basically, I just have all my old and new Diesels tuned here. Regardless of mileage.

Ford Focus SW 1.0 Ecoboost 125hp (2015)|Ford Focus SW 1.0 Ecoboost 125hp (2015)

Today I had my 2nd car tuned at Tunex. The first time was some 7-8 years ago. What immediately struck me was the smoothness, which I recognized from the first time (on a completely different engine, by the way). From 1 to 2 and 2 to 3, the engine would sometimes go a little lumpy at low revs (such as at traffic circles), sputtering a bit. I knew this would disappear, but it’s great when you then actually experience it the first traffic circle around the corner at Tunex. Drove slowly on the way home, up to 3,000 rpm. Don’t expect me to come up here often. What tremendous smoothness, it’s like a diesel. Now this engine has won awards for years, but it remains unprecedented how a 1.0 three-cylinder (turbo) can feel. In terms of pulling power, I felt little to no difference from a new Renault Mégane 1.5dCi I drove shortly after. For speed, it was beyond me, although the car is clearly faster and takes less effort. I can now drive the car nicely shifter and there is more peace in the complete picture. From 120hp/ 200Nm to 145hp/240Nm is not shocking (although on a 1216kg car it is relatively hefty), but the driving experience has really improved. And that for a modest 275 Euros and within 2 hours. Also compliments to the hospitality at reception, in between and departure. Top!

Fiat punto evo 1.3 mjet

3500 km ago I had my red Fiat punto evo 1.3 m-jet chipped at Tunex. Car pulls a lot faster from 1500 rpm. Consumption also improved from 1 in 21 to 1 in 22.

Finally, tunex reset the service interval for me free of charge. In short, excellent service at a competitive price! I’ll be back!

Soot filter cleaning audi a3|Soot filter cleaning audi a3

I had my particulate filter cleaned at tunex because the dpf light came on and the emergency running started, I went to the dealer and was told that it would cost me 2500 euro, then I contacted tunex where I got an honest and expert explanation, tunex also found out that there was a pressure sensor broken in my particulate filter, they replaced it at their own expense! Car runs like a charm again and saved a lot of money with this, thanks for your top service! A reliable address that I will definitely come back to!