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Fault codes

Fault codes Diagnosis – error messages

If you have a malfunction in your car, in most cases we can help you further with diagnosis and or repair. However, it is also possible that your car is technically completely fine, but there is an error message in your car. When you have had the defective part replaced, sometimes these messages may not disappear also the malfunction light on the dashboard. These error codes are called Diagnostic Error Codes. These error codes are so that mechanics can quickly figure out where a problem is located.

Should your vehicle give a failure and you have had this particular part replaced and it is not resolved, another part may not be correct and this may be a result failure. Or an overly accurate software malfunction system where measured values give little tolerance and do not account for wear. They may also be sporadic errors that occur only once every x number of kilometers. This causes a lot of annoyance and frustration.

Tunex can trace the fault codes for you and for many models deactivate the specific fault code in software, we can also solve fault codes that cannot be erased. The engine management then watches over your engine as before but just that one annoying error does not return. No more emergency program during unwanted moments.

In addition, our car mechanics who have years of experience in boosting car engines are also passionate about finding faults, regularly cars are left with us where someone else can’t get out and has already replaced a lot, a fresh look and different view, brand specific diagnostic equipment and possibly driving data logs then offer a solution.

What are trouble codes?


Malfunction codes are electronic codes generated by a car’s on-board computer system when a malfunction or problem is detected. They can be fixed by locating the cause of the malfunction and repairing it or by resetting the malfunction using diagnostic equipment.

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