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Turbo vervangen

Turbo replaced

Do you suspect that your car has problems with the turbo, problems such as power loss, strange hissing or whistling sounds, error messages, oil consumption or leaks at the turbo, blue smoke, or high fuel consumption? The problem may be caused by the turbo of your car.

You can come to us for an expert checking the turbo of your car. Our specialists can detect the problem quickly and accurately and, if necessary, replace it with a fully overhauled original factory sturbo. Our original revised turbos are of high quality and meet the strictest requirements. Moreover, they are often more than 50% cheaper than having the turbo replaced turbos at a brand dealer. This way you not only save money, but you are also assured of a fast and reliable repair with high -quality parts.

If you suspect that your car has problems with the turbo, or if you just want to be sure that everything is fine, please contact us. Our specialists are ready for you and are happy to help you further.

Why replace a turbo?

Turbo vervangen

Replacing a turbo in your car may be necessary if the existing turbo is defective, which can lead to reduced performance, reduced fuel efficiency or unusual noise. A new turbo can restore engine performance, improve fuel consumption and prevent further damage to other engine parts. Replacing a turbo is often performed by specialized car technicians to guarantee the reliability and performance of the vehicle.


At TuneX, we take our time with your car and make sure it drives out of the garage like new again. Make an appointment now and experience the difference & get the best service for yourself!

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