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Cilinder uitschakeling

Cylinder shutdown

Many modern cars are equipped with an automatic cylinder deactivation while driving, also known as, ACT “Active Cylinder Technology”, COD “Cylinder On Demand” or MDS “Multi Displacement System” this technology provides additional fuel savings, but there are also some drawbacks that can be annoying, such as in some models the throttle response (not immediately your power available) or an annoying vibration because the car is still only driving on 2 cylinders.

By a simple adjustment in the engine management program, we can deactivate cylinder deactivation. We can perform this for a significant portion of engines but not for all engines.

Deactivating a cylinder deactivation starts at 95,- euros depending on make and model.

What is Cylinder Shutdown?

Cylinder deactivation with respect to tuning a car is a technique that improves engine efficiency by turning off some cylinders when they are not needed, such as during low load or highway driving. This can be done by interrupting fuel or air supply to certain cylinders, or by closing the intake and exhaust valves. This can lead to lower fuel consumption and emissions, and can be used to improve a car’s performance.

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