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Hardcut limiter (diesel)

Hardcut limiter / Popcorn limiter (Diesel)

Many customers ask if we can program pops and bangs on a diesel, because the diesel is a self-igniter we cannot change the ignition timing with the stroke of the piston, so pops and bangs is not possible. As a solution to this is the hard-cut or also called popcorn limiter. This gives popping/popping from the exhaust when rev limiter is reached, only possible with diesel!

So a hard-cut limiter changes the way a diesel engine behaves when the engine reaches the rev limiter.

Most standard diesel engines continue to run exactly at the maximum rpm point when the rev limiter is reached, until one releases the throttle. (soft cut limiter). However, if a hard-cut limiter is programmed, the fuel supply drops for a very short time and immediately comes back when the engine reaches the rpm limiter, this gives an on-off effect at maximum rpm that makes it look like pops and bangs from the gasoline engine.

What effect a hard-cut limiter has when used frequently is not known. Among other things, the injectors, turbocharger and particulate filter do become more heavily loaded when the hard-cut limiter is reached.

Programming hard-cut limiter starts at 75,- euro extra charge when tuning.

What is a hardcut limiter?

Hardcut limiter

A hardcut limiter is a safety mechanism that controls the maximum speed limit of a diesel car and prevents the engine from overloading by preventing the speed from exceeding the set limit. This is accomplished by shutting down the fuel injection system when the limit is reached.

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