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Snelheidsbegrenzer (VMAX)

Speed limiter (VMAX)

A V-max speed limiter limits a vehicle to a certain preset maximum speed. Many vehicles with a speed limiter can therefore go much faster than the stated 250km/h, for example.

Many sporty German cars from brands such as Mercedes-Benz, Audi, BMW and Volkswagen, have a so-called gentlemen’s agreement” decided to limit the cars to 250 km/h or just above or below depending on model.

For example a, BMW 750ix G11 is limited at 260km/h, without speed limiter this car is already going towards 300km/h and is the car also tuned with vmax off, then it is already going towards 320km/h.

Through a modification in the engine management system, the speed limiter can be deactivated. Notice. Because the car will have a higher top speed, it is advisable to reassess the braking system and tire speed index to see if they are suitable for the higher speeds.

What is a speed limiter (VMAX)?

A speed limiter (VMAX) is a technique in which the maximum speed of the car is limited by the manufacturer or importer in order to increase safety or comply with regulations. This can be removed or increased through tuning, allowing the car to run faster than the factory settings.

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