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Sensoren verwijderen / deactiveren

Removing/deactivating sensors

Not only the deactivation of sensors that cause many problems such as the lambda sensor and NOX sensor is possible, but it is also possible to write off certain other sensors or extend sensor measurement values, such as the air mass meter in certain models, with this adjustment the engine always receives the most favorable air mass calculation so that even a power increase is noticeable in many cases. Or the pinging sensor that on certain models is sometimes tuned so precisely that the slightest error message
gives and the car lights a warning light on the dashboard or even goes into emergency program.

Brand dealers such as Peugeot run into error messages with the 1.6THP engine, among others, with no action already taken by the manufacturer during diagnosis at this error. In most cases, the customer would then still like not to have a fault light on the dashboard to but still receive a notification when there is an important error message.
Deactivating or adjusting the sensitivity of the sensor is then a solution.

Writing away or expanding measured values from sensors is not a repair and should be seen as a last resort to get rid of troublesome errors.

Sensoren deactiveren

Why deactivate sensors?

Sensoren deactiveren

By activating the sensors in a car, the vehicle can collect more accurately information and improve performance and safety. This can lead to a better response to driving conditions and help prevent potential problems.


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