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Air conditioning service

Air conditioning service and topping up with our air conditioning service

Are you looking for a professional air conditioning service to maintain and possibly refill your cars air conditioning installation? Did you know that your air conditioning loses part of the refrigerant annually and that a poorly functioning air conditioning can lead to wear and higher fuel consumption? This can result in expensive repairs.

At Tunex we offer three different air conditioning maintenance packages, including a free air conditioning check & refresh at MOT or a full air conditioning combi service, where we fill and clean your air conditioning according to official STEK requirements and with a fresh scent. Our engineers only use the best products to bring your air conditioner back to the level.

Air conditioning costs

  • Aircocheck & Refresh GRATIS of slechts € 9,95*
  • Airco Reiniging & Refresh € 29,95
  • Airco Servicebeurt € 89,- **
  • Airco Combiservicebeurt € 109,- **

*Free at MOT or maintenance.

Invest in a well-maintained air conditioning installation for comfortable and safe driving.

* Based on R134A refrigerant. A few years ago there was a shift from the air conditioning system R134A to R1234YF. R134A is a refrigerant that belongs to the group
From greenhouse gases, also called F-gases. The new refrigerant R1234YF is no less than 335 times less harmful as a greenhouse gas than R134A and disappears 400 times faster
de atmosfeer. The use of this new refrigerant therefore results in a considerably more environmental benefit. Special equipment is required for working with R1234YF, this is too
Expensive to be profitable, so we cannot yet maintain this type of refrigerant.

Why air conditioning maintenance?


Air conditioning maintenance is important for a car to ensure that the system continues to work optimally and the air it produces remains clean and healthy. Regular maintenance can prevent problems and extend the life of the air conditioning.


At TuneX, we take our time with your car and make sure it drives out of the garage like new again. Make an appointment now and experience the difference & get the best service for yourself!

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