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DSG Tuning / Remap

DSG Remap / Tuning Software

The DSG system is licensed to the Volkswagen group by the American company BorgWarner and are basically 2 manual gearboxes with separate clutches placed in a single housing, by using two different clutches for the even and odd gears very fast shift times can be achieved. The DSG units are electronically controlled by Temic Controllers that operate the clutches electronically-hydraulically.

The following DSG models are available,

  • DSG7 DQ200 (dry clutch)
  • DSG6 DQ250 (wet clutch)
  • DSG6 DQ250 MQB (wet clutch)
  • DSG6 DQ400e (wet clutch hybrid e-tron/GTE)
  • DSG7 DL382 (wet clutch) (Audi A4/A5/A6/A7)
  • DSG7 DQ380/381 (wet clutch)
  • DSG7 DQ500 (wet clutch)
  • DSG7 DL501 (wet clutch)

DSG Tuning

With a DSG tuning the gearbox software is modified this can be because of several reasons,

Handle higher torque – Remove torque limiter / increase pump pressure for more pressure on the clutch plates and thus can handle more torque.

Improving Handling – Some known problems with the DSG / S-Tronic transmission are, shifting up very early which brings the engine speed very low and can cause annoying vibration due to driving too low in revs. The late downshifting and/or response time to the gearbox is very slow.

In stage 1 DSG tuning, we optimize shift speeds, shorten shift times and increase clutch pressure.

A stage 1 tuning costs 249,- euro in combination with a tuning is 199,- euro.

What is DSG REMap


DSG stands for Direkt Schalt Getriebe or Direct Shift Gearbox and is used by Volkswagen, Seat, Skoda and at Audi under the name S-tronic.

Calculate immediately how affordable it is to take your car to a higher level. And who knows, you might be the king of the road soon!