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NOX benzine

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The NOX sensor is mounted in the exhaust and measures the NOx value (NO+NO²=NOx this is created during a (high temperature) combustion process), from 1999 the Euro 3 emission standard for M1 vehicles (passenger cars) came into force in the European Union. As of that time, a diesel was allowed to emit a maximum of 0.50 NOx, the gasoline engines 0.15. From Euro 4 this became 0.25 for the diesel and 0.08 for the gasoline engine, by applying the EGR valve this could be achieved.

From Euro 5 and 6, value is reduced by 0.02 to 0.06 NOx. With the advent of the fuel-efficient direct-injected gasoline engines to achieve Euro 5 and 6 standards, among others, the nox sensor also closely monitors the NOx value.

The NOx sensor is a very sensitive and expensive sensor that often malfunctions, but also due to internal engine contamination typical of the direct-injected gasoline engine or fouled injectors, the NOx sensor can give errors or even emergency run. By adjusting the engine management program, we can lower the NOx value and or the
change measured value or deactivate interference.

If the car runs in emergency program or gives an engine failure and therefore cannot be inspected, then a NOx software modification may be a solution. This software modification should be viewed as a temporary fix. Deactivating the nox sensor may cause the car to fail to meet its Euro standard. An NOx software modification starts at 150,- euros depending on model.

NOX benzine

What is the NOx sensor

NOX benzine

An NOx sensor is a type of sensor used to measure the concentration of nitrogen oxides (NOx) in the exhaust gases of an internal combustion engine. These sensors are used to check the efficiency of an exhaust gas recirculation system and to determine whether an engine meets emission standards.


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