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Stages tuning

Stages Tuning

To serve you even better we have divided the possible performance upgrades into different stages, not all stages are available for every car.

The following is a small description of what the internships generally entail:

Stage 1: Reprogramming

Stage 1 consists of an individual reprogramming of the vehicle’s engine management software, where the tuning of the engine parameters ( ignition, injection, charge pressure, torque limiting, etc ) is customized. All values of the engine parameters remain within tolerance at stage 1, all safety functions in the software remain active. This stage 1 is therefore 100% reliable, dynobank developed, checked and on the road extensively tested with identical cars, in short more driving pleasure without worries !

Stage 2: Reprogramming and optimization of intake and exhaust

If you want to go one step further than a stage 1 tuning, a stage 2 tuning is available, it consists of optimizing a number of components around the engine to increase the engine’s efficiency. First and foremost this involves the intake and the exhaust, many air intake systems are very restrictive often due to their anti-resonance construction which is intended to dampen the intake noise of the engine, by installing a sport air filter or custom air intake system more air can flow to the engine allowing for additional power gains. Because at stage 2 we sometimes fall outside the manufacturer’s safety standards, sometimes parts need to be reinforced such as the clutch, for example.

Stage 3: New engine parts

In stage 3 tuning we are going to replace the internal or vital parts of the engine or turbocharger, this can range from changing the fuel pump, increasing the displacement, installing sport camshafts to fitting a larger turbocharger. With stage 3 tuning there are often risks involved towards reliability and longevity, but also not always, the manufacturers often make 1 basic engine block and by using a larger turbo and injectors they can make multiple power versions. In some cases, you can boost an engine with original parts from a heavier engine type version without affecting reliability.

With stage 3 tuning, calculating the price is a labor-intensive activity. Unfortunately, many customers are shocked by the supplies required for a stage 3 tuning and the associated part prices and assembly hours. For example, with certain used models, it is often more economical to trade the car in for a faster version. Example; a 7 year old Vauxhall Corsa 1.4 Turbo can be tuned stage 3, but it is more economical to buy a 7 year old Corsa 1.6 Turbo GSI. In addition, the GSI is already built at the factory entirely for higher power and is also more stable in value.

Should you really seriously consider a stage 3 tuning we can make you a suitable offer. Due to the research work, an estimation request starts from 65,- Euros and will be deducted on order. No rights can be derived from a calculation offer.

What are internships in Tuning?

stages tuning

Stages in Tuning refer to the various stages in which a car is modified to improve performance. Each phase includes various modifications, such as upgrading the exhaust, adding a cold air intake and tuning the engine to optimize power gains.

Calculate immediately how affordable it is to take your car to a higher level. And who knows, you might be the king of the road soon!