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AdBlue is a water-based urea solution used in diesel vehicles to further reduce NOX emissions in addition to the EGR system to achieve EURO 6 standards, the adblue converts some of the remaining NOX to water vapor and nitrogen.

AdBlue is a clear, non-toxic and high-purity urea solution of ammonia and 32.5% in demineralized water, among others. The additive is injected into the exhaust gas directly into the SCR/NOX catalyst located in the exhaust behind the particulate filter. A disadvantage of Adblue is that it crystallizes and it is a corrosive liquid for metals, this crystallization clogs or damages mechanical components. For example, the NOX sensors, adblue injector, the SCR catalytic converter or the adblue pump/tank. With many brands, these are expensive parts, an adblue pump and attached module can in some brands repair costs already towards 2000,- euro or even higher.

Continuing to drive with an empty or broken adblue system is not a solution. With many models, in addition to an error message in the dashboard, the car starts counting down and after x number of kilometers the car can no longer be started and the car must be reset with a special diagnostic tester, after this one can then start once to make a single trip
to the garage for repair or filling.


Adblue / SCR / DEF / Urea remove-disable

As an emergency measure, one can disable the adblue/scr system software-wise so that one can continue to use the car and make an appointment for repair or replacement.

Our Adblue removal service will electronically disable the Adblue system and remove the associated warning messages. Disabling the Adblue system is accomplished by reprogramming the engine management system.

This software modification should be viewed as a temporary fix. To fix the problem, or one must have the system removed from the license plate at the rdw. see below,

We received the information below from the RDW;
“The answer is that the removal (or deactivation) of the Adblue system, which is part of the emission control system, is considered a ‘change of construction’ under Vehicle Regulations.” If is changed then you are required to have the registration number updated by presenting the vehicle for inspection at an RDW inspection station.

The emission values, established when the vehicle is admitted, are taken from the vehicle registration register. Unless it is demonstrated with certificates that the vehicle again meets certain emission values.”

Deactivation of the adblue system starts at 225,- euros depending on make and model. the later reactivation due to repair is free of charge.

In following brands, the adblue system frequently gives failure;

  • Adblue switch off Audi,
  • Adblue disabling BMW,
  • Adblue disable Citroen,
  • Adblue disabling Landrover,
  • Adblue disabling Peugeot,
  • Adblue disable Renault,
  • Adblue disable Seat,
  • Adblue switch off Opel,
  • Adblue disabling Volkswagen.

What is AdBlue?


AdBlue is a fuel additive used in diesel engines equipped with a particulate filter and Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) system to reduce nitrogen oxides (NOx) emissions. It is added to the diesel fuel and reacts with the exhaust gases in the SCR system to convert NOx into nitrogen and water vapor, reducing engine emissions.


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