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Since 2004, Tunex has been a specialist in boosting modern car engines. By modifying the engine management software, we can give the engine more torque and power, as well as make it more economical and efficient. In addition to software solutions, we also offer mechanical tuning modifications for those who want even more power to complete motors for motor sport purposes.

TuneX – Tuning
Our Tuning Services:

For the development of tuning software we have a high performance 4 × 4 Dyno test bench in our workshop, brand specific diagnosis equipment, exhaust gas analyzers and can-bus measuring equipment.


Since 2004 we have been dealing with chiptuning and engine software solutions on a daily basis, our professionals have since attended various education and training courses, including in Italy at one of the founders of engine software tuning In addition, we maintain partnerships with a selected group of the best software specialists in Europe. We strive to be constantly up to date with the latest developments and have extensive expertise


Software reprogramming tailored to your vehicle.

Search tuning
View the power increase for your car here.
What is chiptuning
Read information here what and how a chip tuning works.
Mechanical tuning
Upgrading engine parts and replacing them for higher power players
Stages tuning
What do the different stages in Tuning mean?
Roller Test Bench
Measure and check the exact power of your car with the help of our Dyno.
Become a dealer
Can perform tuning and software modifications independently as a garage player.
DSG Remap
Improve the switching moments and speed of your DSG.
For gasoline engines exhaust popping when gas.
Popcorn Limiter
For diesel engines exhaust bangs at maximum speed
ZF Automatic
Specific tuning for ZF automatic transmissions.
Speed limiter
Remove the V-MAX speed limiter set out of factory for maximum top speed.
Launch control
Perfect start when racing or accelerating.
Cylinder shutdown
Deactivate the cylinder shutdown during driving for a smoother rotating motor.
Launch control
Bij sommige modellen is het mogelijk Launch control te activeren middels software.
Second Lambda Sensor
Lambda reports regarding adapted exhaust system? Software adjustment solves it.
Soot Filter
Maintain performance and protect the environment by reducing soot missions.
Exhaust gas recirculation
Reduce emissions and optimize performance with EGR technology.
Failure codes
Annoying error codes permanently deactivate in motor software.
Improved performance and diagnosis with advanced sensor technology.
AdBlue malfunctions with a diesel engine, can no longer start?
NOx petrol
Reduce the NOx emissions from gasoline engines.
Nox Diesel
Reduce the NOx emissions from diesel engines.
Tintal valves
Increased performance and efficiency with optimized air flow.
Secondary air pump
Improves emissions by adding extra oxygen to the exhaust gases.
TuneX Tuning
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