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Injectoren reinigen

Clean injectors

Cleaning of injectors is essential to guarantee optimum functioning of your car’s engine. Polluted injectors can lead to higher fuel consumption, reduced engine power and poorer emissions. Traditional methods to resolve this, such as adding a cleaning agent to the fuel, usually only works partially because the addition will and may not be too strong because then Solve all dirt in the tank, if too strong this can damage other components such as the high -pressure fuel pump or gaskets. Fortunately, there is a solution to effectively clean the injectors without having to be dismantled, which can help you save on costs.

By means of a special device we can clean the injectors without dismantling them and without addition to the fuel tank. The entire fuel supply is closed and the injectors are connected to the device, using a highly concentrated cleaning agent. The engine runs on this cleaning agent for a certain time, while the non-burned cleaning agent flows back to the device and becomes increasingly clean. After this treatment you immediately notice that the engine runs more calmly, the fuel consumption improves and the power increases. This is because the spray image of the injectors has improved and the fuel can burn better thanks to the added oxygen.

It is important to note that if the injectors are broken, cleaning is not a solution and they have to be replaced. We offer original new injectors and revised exchange injectors at attractive prices thanks to our extensive purchasing channels.

As your car has driven more kilometers, the chance of polluted injectors is greater due to cabbage deposit and poor fuel. Therefore, periodically ensure a professional cleaning of your injectors to prevent problems and to extend the life of your motorcycle.

Injectoren reinigen

What is cleaning injectors?

Injectoren reinigen

Cleaning the injectors of your car includes the removal of the accumulation of dirt, contaminants and deposits that can build up on the injectors over time. By cleaning the injectors you can improve the performance of the engine, optimize fuel consumption and reduce the emission of harmful substances. Cleaning the injectors is an important maintenance process that must be carried out regularly for optimum operation of the engine.


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