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Unlock options

Unlock options

Many modern cars, including BMW and VW and Ford group cars, have factory options that are not activated by the manufacturer but are present in the car. This is done to reduce production costs by 1 production line. However, it is a waste to leave these options unused even though you paid for them when you bought your car.

We offer the ability to enable these options using programming equipment. This allows you to take advantage of options you wouldn’t otherwise be able to enjoy. We do this for a fraction of the price of activating these options at a brand name dealer.

Consider activating options such as sporty display display, comfort open/close of the windows, automatic start/stop function, lane assist, reversing camera and much more.

Our specialists have years of experience and are dedicated to providing high-quality service to all of our customers. We are here to help you unlock options in your car so you can enjoy your driving experience even more.

Contact us today to learn more about your car options and find out how we can help you make your car even better.

Why enable Options?

Opties vrijschakelen

Unlocking options in your car may be desirable to activate additional functionality or features that are normally limited. This can include unlocking hidden features, adjusting settings such as lighting or sound systems, or activating additional safety features to enhance your driving experience and customize your car to your personal preferences. Unlocking options can be performed by TuneX.


At TuneX, we take our time with your car and make sure it drives out of the garage like new again. Make an appointment now and experience the difference & get the best service for yourself!

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