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Particle filter / DPF

Starting around 2007, many diesel passenger cars received a particulate filter at the factory to meet a new higher European emission standard, such as euro 4 or euro 5 standard.

A particulate filter also known as DPF is a component installed in the exhaust system of a diesel car. The exhaust gases flow through it and the filter captures up to 99% of the soot particles from the exhaust in a type of ceramic filter. Depending on soot loading, after x-number of kilometers a car starts to regenerate the particulate filter and burn the soot particles.

The particulate filter converts soot to ash during regeneration. At some point, it becomes saturated and the exhaust gases can no longer flow and the particulate filter must be replaced or cleaned.

An original particulate filter is extremely expensive with some brands, prices as high as 2,000 euros per filter are not exceptional.

To accommodate the citizens, the government has decided that one may remove the particulate filter from the license plate until the year of construction 2017 the government expects for this, among other things, a higher road tax back about 10%. In many cases, this is still more economical than a new particulate filter.

However, our advice is to have the original particulate filter professionally cleaned, we can perform this for you, we will be happy to send you a free quote.

Since 2023 the diesel MOT has been expanded to include a soot particle counter, very many vehicles that have had their original particulate filter replaced for an imitation / aftermarket particulate filter because of the cheap purchase price, many of these now fall through the basket during MOT, the soot particles in these cheap particulate filters just blow through it, keep this in mind if you have the filter replaced.

However, if you still plan to have the particulate filter removed from the license plate because in many cases you want lower fuel consumption, better gas response, more power then of course we can also help you. Soot filter removal including de/assembly, emptying, welding shut and software deactivation starts at 225.00 euros. You can find specific information about this on the RDW website.

Because particulate filter installation/removal times vary greatly by make, model, engine, we would be happy to send you a no-obligation quote for your car.

What is a particulate filter?


A diesel particulate filter, also known as a diesel particulate filter (DPF), is a device designed to reduce soot particle emissions from diesel cars. The filter captures the soot particles and burns them periodically to keep the filter clean and functioning properly.


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