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Inlet cleaning

Cleaning the inlet of a car engine is an essential part of the maintenance process of a vehicle. The inlet is responsible for inserting air into the engine, which in turn mixes fuel and air to create the combustion that makes the car move. Over time, the inlet can become clogged by cabbage deposit, which can influence the performance of the engine and even lead to malfunctions or motor damage, especially immediately injected engines
are sensitive to this.

Fortunately, there are various methods to clean the inlet of a car and remove carbon deposits. Effective methods is chemical inlet cleaning of BG. This process uses a special cleaner that dissolves the cabbage deposits and then rinses through the engine. This ensures a thorough cleaning of the inlet and can improve the performance of the engine.

Another method is the use of walnut beams to clean the inlet. This process uses small pieces of walnut to carefully scrape stubborn carbon deposits from the walls of the inlet and inlet valves. The advantage of this method is that it does not use aggressive chemicals and really gives the best results for seriously polluted engines, making it an environmentally friendly alternative to chemical intake cleaning.

It is important to regularly check the inlet of your car for carbon deposits to optimize the performance and to prevent malfunctions or engine damage. A clean inlet ensures optimum air flow to the engine and ensures that the fuel is burned more efficiently. This can lead to better fuel efficiency and an extension of the lifetime of your car.

In short, cleaning the inlet of your car is an important part of the maintenance of your vehicle. Whether you opt for chemical intake cleaning of BG
or walnut beams, a clean inlet ensures optimum performance and malfunctions or engine damage.

Ask for a our combination rates, and have it immediately cleaned the inside of your engine block with a machine rinse with the original Dynamic Flush, your car has an automatic gearbox. Give it thorough maintenance with a complete machine rinse.


Why inlet cleaning??

Cleaning the exhaust of your car can be useful to remove the accumulation of soot, carbon and other contaminants, which can lead to limited exhaust gas flow, poor performance and unusual sounds. By having your exhaust cleaned, you can improve the fuel efficiency of your car, extend the life of the exhaust and reduce the emission of harmful gases. Cleaning the exhaust can be carried out by specialized car technicians with the right knowledge and equipment.


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