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Our car company is located in S-Heerenberg (Gelderland) and has been offering a versatile service for 19 years. Whether you want to maintain, repair or upgrade your car, we have the right expertise and facilities in our garage. Since 2004, we have specialized in both software and mechanical tuning. Besides tuning, we also offer, car wrapping, window blinding, alloy wheels, detailing services, to give your car the look you want and you can come to us for professional and affordable car damage solutions. In short, our company is a one-stop shop for everything that has to do with cars.
Want to know more about our products and services? Then check out our websites or pay a no-obligation visit to our company.
Het Tunex Team


As an all-round car company, we can help with all facets of the car, Whether It’s, MOT, Increasing Engine Power, Maintenance, Repair, Damage or When Looking For A Good New Car. We are happy to be there for you.


Our experienced mechanics are happy to work on your car. Or course you want your car to be and stay in top condition. Our experienced engineers know cars inside and out and do nothing more than to work on it. With passion for cars, our team of Dutch and German engineers are not only technically skilled, but also work with attention and care to your car. Proper Maintenance Prevents Many Probles But also Makes Your Car Retain Its Value Better.


Since 2004, Tunex has been a specialist in boosting modern car engines. By modifying the engine management software, we can give the engine more torque and power, as well as make it more economical and efficient. In addition to software solutions, we also offer mechanical tuning modifications for those who want even more power to complete motors for motor sport purposes.



In the past 19 years we have grown to a team of 9 passionate employees.

At Tunex, you will always find some with a car heart, or rather with a heart for the business. We are proud that many of our employees have leg with us for many years.
This indicates that we all know how to create a fun work atmosphere and provide enough challenge.

Each car is unique and has its own story. From VW Up to Ferrari whether it’s about content, horsepower or looks, we never run out of things to talk about.

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