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Failure codes

At Tunex we understand that malfunction codes in your car can cause many frustrations. Whether it’s a faulty part or a persistent dashboard error message, our experienced auto mechanics are here to help.

It is possible that you have had a specific part replaced, but that the malfunction codes still remains present. This could be due to other components not functioning correctly, or to a software malfunction system that works too precisely and does not take wear and tear into account. It can also happen that the errors are sporadic and only occur once in the so many kilometers, which can be very frustrating.

Fortunately, we can detect the error codes for you at Tunex and in many cases deactivate the specific malfunction codes. This Means The Engine Management is Still Watching about Your Engine, But That One Annoying Error Message won Return. No more emergency program during unwanted moments!

Our car mechanics have years of experience in tracing malfunction codes and are even able to resolve difficult cases where other garages get stuck. Using brand-specific diagnostic equipment and driving data logs, we can quickly and efficiently identify the problem and provide a solution.

Let us help you get back on the road worry-free.

What are malfunctions?


Disruptions in cars are problems or errors that occur in the different systems of a car, such as the engine, the transmission, the brakes and the electronics. These malfunctions can influence the performance of the car and endanger the safety of the driver and passengers.


Are you looking for a way to transform your car from a slow turtle to a fast hare? Or do you just want to make the neighbors jealous with the sound of your exhaust? Tunex got you covered! Make an appointment with us and let our car tuning experts tune your car. Who knows, you might leave our garage as the king of the road!

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