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Engine detoc / reiniging / dynamic flush


Dynamic Flush, also known as our Engine Detox Machine, effectively removes all traces of contamination from your engine’s oil circuit, thereby extending the life of your engine.

A key advantage of Motor Detox over using a cleaning bottle in the engine oil is that the bottles do loosen contaminants, but do not wash everything away. When the old oil is drained, it seems that the cleaning bottle has worked because some contamination remains in the sump. However, research shows that there is still a lot of sludge and loosened contamination left behind, especially in areas such as the cylinder head and oil sump where the contamination settles to the bottom and does not drain through the drain plug. This means that when new engine oil is refilled, it immediately pumps all the contaminants back around, well partly directly to the new oil filter, but also
gets to the oil pump strainer and other small oil channels and corners.

The use of a large amount of cleansing mineral rinse oil, pumped around and filtered, prevents this problem. This thoroughly rinses away all contaminants and prevents any residue that could affect the operation of the engine.

For optimal performance and protection of the engine block, it is essential that the oil be able to do its job properly. In addition to lubrication, the oil also cools important components and maintains the performance of hydraulic chain tensioners, for example.

Several customers have reported that Motor Detox also has a positive effect on consumption and engine noise.

Some benefits at a glance:

  • Lager brandstofverbruik
  • Terug naar het oude motorvermogen
  • Minder CO uitstoot
  • Minder uitlaatrook/fijnstof
  • Een soepeler en stiller werkende motor
  • Verkleefde zuigerveren
  • Hydraulische klepstoters
  • Hydraulische kettingspanners
  • Zichtbaar schonere motorolie
  • Voorkomt vroegtijdige slijtage aan de motor
  • Verwijderd sludge en aanslag op de meest effectieve wijze
What is motorcycle detox?
Engine detox

Engine detox also called engine flush or engine flush is a new technique blown over from the United States and is the machine cleaning of the inside of the engine block. By internal engine cleaning, sludge, carbon deposits and adhering dirt due to wear and caked oil are cleaned the entire inside of the engine block in about 30 minutes by means of a large amount of mineral flushing oil warmed to about 70-80% and all dirt is machine washed away.


At TuneX, we take our time with your car and make sure it drives out of the garage like new again. Make an appointment now and experience the difference & get the best service for yourself!

Change intervals become longer than the engine oil can handle, especially if the car drives a lot of short distances. Additives then quickly become saturated, which can cause piston rings to stick and hydraulic tappets to falter. Exhaust gas recirculation adds further pollution. Internal cleaning of the engine block can prevent some problems. If oil consumption is not caused by wear, it can often be reduced.

Internal engine cleaning takes about 2 hours and costs only:
€ 175.00 incl. btw for the 2-3-4 cylinder
€ 195.00 incl. btw for the 5-6 cylinder
€ 225.00 incl. btw for the 8-10-12 cylinder

This does not include full oil service, i.e. new engine oil and oil filter, booklet stamping and service reset. Cost of engine oil and oil filter depending on make and type and quality of engine oil a/b brand or OEM oil. request a quote here.

Promotion Motor detox 75 euros discount on a major service.

We are one of the few companies in the Netherlands that work with the original “Dynamic Flush” machine from the USA and the original flush oil that works at engine operating temperature for the best results. A cunning entrepreneur copied this maschine, in a low-budget device with an unknown low-budget flushing agent and marketed it under the same name, more information can be found in this video from the then importer of the dynamic flush machine.

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