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Tunex is the garage for all brands of cars. Our expert technicians provide professional maintenance and repairs. At Tunex, honesty and quality are of paramount importance. We treat your car as if it is our own and ensure a personal approach. Visit Tunex for the best service and keep your car in top condition.

TuneX – Garage
Our garage services:
Small and big maintenance
For periodic maintenance and control of your car.
Inspection to see if your car is still safe and reliable.
Solving malfunctions and error messages.
Automatic flushing
Cleaning of the automatic transmission for a smoother effect.
Dynamic Flush
Cleaning of the entire fuel system.
Air conditioning service
Maintenance and repair of the air conditioning.
Inlet cleaning
Cleaning of the inlet channels for better performance.
Clean injectors
Cleaning of the injectors for more efficient combustion.
Soot filter cleaning
Cleaning of the soot filter to prevent blockage.
Soot filter cleaning
Cleaning of the soot filter to prevent blockage.
Repair of all types of damage to your car.
Full overhaul of the engine or gearbox.
Timing belt
Replacement of the timing belt to prevent engine problems.
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