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Mechanische tuning

Mechanical tuning / Engine hardware upgrades

Why mechanical tuning? To go a step further than just software tuning, or for cars where it is necessary to also modify the engine mechanically to get more power. Can we find a solution in many cases.

This could include modifying a compressor/supercharger to get more charge pressure, installing a larger turbo, sport camshafts, heavier clutch, flywheel, modified pistons, downpipe or intercooler. But our mechanics also have experience in converting and modifying complete engines for more power to the complete conversion of cars so that a larger engines can be built in, think for example of a V8 engine in a BMW e36 3 series.

In the tuning stages section you will find explanations of different performance stages.

What is Mechanical Tuning?

Mechanical tuning is a form of car tuning in which the car’s performance is improved by changing the physical components of the car, such as installing a different exhaust, turbo, or air filter. This is in contrast to electronic tuning, which involves software modifications to the engine.

Calculate immediately how affordable it is to take your car to a higher level. And who knows, you might be the king of the road soon!