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We offer you a perfect custom tuning that provides more driving comfort and extra power in your car. In doubt? All chiptuning comes with a 30-day money back guarantee, no matter the reason.

These guarantees are standard with us:

  • 5 year warranty on the software programmed
  • On every chip tuning we give a 30 -day not satisfied money back guarantee, regardless of the reason.
    (excl. Optional test bench cost, if you have chosen this)
  • 5 years free of charge (OBD) diagnosis. (In our workshop some experienced 1st car mechanics work that you are happy to help.)
  • Standard 50,000 km of engine guarantee
    For cars up to a maximum of 2 years old with a maximum of 100,000 km.
  • Tune back to original capacity free of charge, for example with a sale or end of the lease contract.
  • Tuning tailor -made, we adjust the program to your specific wishes.
  • Software tailored to the engine and powertrain of your car

*¹ 5-year warranty on programmed software:
Software cannot wear out. However, should the modified software disappear from your car for any reason we will install it back free of charge, should there have been a dealer software update then re-tuning the update only costs €50. Also within the warranty are free obd diagnosis and free tuning back to original power.

*² 50,000 km engine warranty is valid only if one contents the following conditions:

  • The vehicle must be delivered at its own expense at Tunex Automotive BV in ‘s-Heerenberg or a location to be mentioned by Tunex.
  • No guarantee can be granted if the car is first offered to another repairer for repair or for diagnosis.
  • You must ensure replacement transport yourself.
  • There is no possibility of claiming any further costs due to failure of the vehicle.
  • A maximum amount of 5000,- is covered/approachable per event*

Above all, our guarantees are subject to the general terms and conditions. We would especially like to point out that this guarantee is not transferable to third parties. The warranty is effective only between the client and the contractor.

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