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Citroën C3 tuned

I went there with my 2017 Citroën C3 1.2 PureTech to have it tuned. Standard 110 hp, for €225,= some 35 hp extra…. very tempting of course, especially since the C3 just puts 1000 kg on the scale. After I picked up the car, I was advised to take it a little easy for the first 50. Then when I kicked it on its tail the first time, little happened, and it stayed that way. Since I live around the corner I went back with it for a while. After a thorough inspection, I found that the turbo hose was not completely soundly fitted (they had probably missed that at the garage during the delivery service, I had only just had the car for a few days, so didn’t notice much of it beforehand). It was all neatly explained to me, and also neatly fixed immediately. Then I was able to go out and test it out. What a party! The car pulls like crazy when the turbo starts blowing along, wonderful! I probably won’t get to less fuel consumption at first because it’s so incredibly inviting, but since the reviews are pretty positive about it as well that will be pretty good I suppose. Now first things first, enjoy! Thanks Tunex, another satisfied customer!

By: Erik

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