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Complaints and problems

Complaints and problems

You help Tunex improve by filing your complaint or problem with our Customer Service.

Your question or complaint helps to improve quality, service and information.


The chiptuning performed on your car is in most cases developed in-house on our own test bench and extensively tested.

In many cases, several other motorists with a model and engine type similar car are already driving around with no problems with a chiptuning from us.

However, the result can sometimes differ from one car to another depending on, among other things, state of maintenance, mileage of the car, state of sensors, contamination of particulate filter, egr valve, injectors, etc. etc. an engine with 200,000km plus may react differently than an engine with 20,000km.

Therefore, if you have a problem or complaint please contact us first. We can only help you further if you report to us.

Our team has several experienced first car mechanics as well as advanced diagnostic equipment and, if needed, a power test bench for analysis. We try to help every customer get back on track as best we can and often at no cost.

Should you wish to undo the tuning within 30 days, we will program back the original program and refund your purchase price. (Fortunately, we experience this very rarely)

In addition, we give customers, 5 years of free (obd) diagnosis at our facility.

For cars up to 2 years old we even provide a standard engine warranty see our warranty conditions on our website.

If you have any questions or comments please let us know you can reach us by phone at 0314-667360 or via the contact form below

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