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Ford Kuga 1.5T Ecoboost 150hp

After my first chiptuning on 11-7-2018 a day before my vacation, I was more than complimentary about the torque. As a caravan puller, the kuga still came up a little short . In October, I received notification from my dealer that the car needed to come back for an engine update due to clutch plate issues. Gone chiptuning.
Contacted Tunex and put another chiptuning on it. This one was not as good as the first and I was bummed as hell.
No problem, come back and put another tuning over it.
Test drove with one of the staff, and it went well. February again on vacation with the caravan, and it went wrong right away. Bummer but adjusted driving style and made new appointment after the vacations. Now it is like the first time. So very satisfied. Friendly service. no stressed, and a customer with peace of mind going into the mountains with caravan with plenty of torque.

By: W.Schoolderman|W.Schoolderman

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